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Featured Fanon

Topazo over the years
History of Topazo is a fan fiction series written by Maroyasha. The story follows a boy named Topazo (Yes the guy from Lookout Wikia). It shows how his life was before he came to the present/past for him. From birth to adult hood, this is his story. In a place of unknown origin, a boy with a tail was born. He had red stripes in his hair. A very unhealthy woman looked down at him in her arms. “I shall name you Topazo, Great-Great-Great-Great grandson of Ian. You will grow to be very strong.” Then as those final words spoken, the woman holding Topazo died. Topazo let out a loud cry as the nurse took him from his now dead mother. Read more...

Featured Article

(cyclops zord) ARRRRRRRRRR
(Gold ranger Jonathan) I can't win.
(Jonathan) *riding on a wooden skateboard trying to escape*
(Evil Storm ranger) Give up brother your nothing like father.
Time portal opens
(Daniel Comes out on a scooter) Hold on Dude toss me your skateboard.
*Board is tossed while Jonathan protects daniel*
(Daniel) I made some improvements to your skateboard.
(Jonathan) Like what?
(Daniel) Now it travels through time like mine, shoots lasers and connects with mine.
(Jonathan) Alright now lets take down this cyclops
(Evil Storm ranger) Bronze ranger recall your Zord.
(Evil Bronze ranger) Yes my liege. (Jonathan and Daniel) They got away.*powers down* Read more...

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Vegeta and bulma
This is an image of Vegeta and Bulma from the fan fiction series I Became Pretty Soft, by Cocoa, a series that ships Vegeta and Bulma throughout the fanon.

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