Through the Blazing Inferno is a short fan fiction story written by MOG.


“You shall live once more; only to serve me in my vengeance,” the old man said, “Destroy the ones who have humiliated me!” The old man took out a strange looking pail filled with ash and pored it on to the sacred land he stood on. In the ash he drew a Ψ with his finger. The Ψ glowed red and the old man smiled. “These despicable earthlings will pay for the neglect they have shown me for all these years!” The old man exclaimed. “Such a pity,” said a new voice, “That you did all this hard work only to fail in the end.” “What is this madness!?” The old man screamed. The voice replied, “Tsk, tsk old man. You know it doesn’t work that way. I am the Forsaken King, and you are right about one thing- I shall rise again. However, I shall serve only myself.” Flames erupted from the Ψ. An ominous figure stood before the old man. The only feature the old man could make out was a crown. “You shall make an excellent sacrifice to me, really!” said the Forsaken King, “You should feel honored.” The king placed his hand over the old man. “Please don’t!” yelled the old man. “Don’t worry,” said the king, “It won’t hurt THAT much.” And with that, the old man dissolved into a pile of ashes. Fire erupted everywhere and was spreading quickly. The Forsaken King had risen.

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