This is the first chapter of the fanon series The Future Always Continues by Maroyasha

Can SSJ2 Be Achieved?Edit

It was a regular day in West City for a certain purple haired boy. “Ugh! More cleaning!” He grabbed a broom and started sweeping. “Trunks! Have you seen the vacuum!?” A certain blue haired woman yelled. Trunks grunted, “It’s over here!” He yelled to her in the other room as he wheeled it in. “Thanks honey. We still need to fix up Capsule Corp a bit, then some outside a bit.” Trunks just nodded and walked away.

It was only a few days ago, and it feels like years. Trunks replayed himself killing Cell in his head over and over again. He walked outside and flew off not telling his mother Bulma. “Wonder how Videl is doing.” Trunks flew for Mt. Poazu. He landed an hour later. “Videl!? You home!?” A women with a long ponytail opened the door smiling. Her hair was jet black, she had blue eyes, and was a little shorter than Trunks. “Well if it isn’t our savior Trunks?” She laughed. “Come in, come in.” Videl said as she walked inside.

Trunks followed seeming uncomfortable. “So, how are you?” Videl turned smiling. “Alright. I guess.” She had sadness in her voice. “I know, it is soon.” Trunks frowned. “10 years already. Wish he were here.” Videl let one tear slide down her cheek. “He would be proud.” She smiled and hugged Trunks.  Trunks sat down at a table. “So, I think I’m close to going SSJ2.” Videl smiled. “Really!?” Trunks nodded. “Yup, look!” Trunks stood up and started powering up and went USSJ. His hair kept glowing brighter and sticking up higher then his power went down to base suddenly.

“So close, Trunks, so close.” Trunks smiled. “Wonder if our Gohan would’ve gone SSJ2.”

Author's Note Edit

Sorry for the shortness, just trying to test this story out first

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