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This is the first chapter of the fanon series History of Topazo, written by Maroyasha.

Chapter 1: The Legacy Begins Edit

In a place of unknown origin, a boy with a tail was born. He had red stripes in his hair. A very unhealthy woman looked down at him in her arms. “I shall name you Topazo, Great-Great-Great-Great grandson of Ian. You will grow to be very strong.” Then as those final words spoken, the woman holding Topazo died. Topazo let out a loud cry as the nurse took him from his now dead mother.

They placed him in a bed and let him rest alone. He was in the nursery with many other babies. He looked around and saw someone that looked like him. This person stood behind the glass that allows you to look into the nursery. The man grinned and said in a very hushed voice, “So this is the one that will kill me?” Topazo stared at the man oddly and made random baby noises. “Pathetic,” said the man as he walked away.

Topazo fell asleep, but what he didn’t know is what would happen next. The hospital stared to explode. Topazo awoke crying when a figure came in and grabbed him. The figure teleported out of the hospital before the nursery was destroyed. The figure holding Topazo appeared in a house on a hill. A small boy with black hair, black eyes, dark skin, and a tail ran up to the figure. “Mommy! You’re home!” The figure nodded and placed Topazo down. Down saw the figure. She was an average-sized woman with light skin, brown hair, brown eyes, a tail, and pink and black Saiyan armor.

The boy walked up to Topazo. “Who’s this?” “He is your new brother.” “Really? A brother!? Cool!” The boy picked Topazo up. “I’m Anderson. Your new brother!” “His name is Topazo.” “Cool, a Saiyan name. I didn’t get a Saiyan name, but mommy did. Her name is Yamina.” Topazo smiled and grabbed onto Anderson’s Mohawk like hair. “Ow, let go Topazo!” Topazo let go and looked around. Yamina came over and took Topazo to Anderson’s room and put him in a crib. “You’ll be rooming with your brother, Andy.” “Okay mommy.”

Topazo, only a baby, was not strong. But in the future, he would become one of the strongest fighters the universe would ever know.

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