By Gokan1603 and Omni Phibbestoles Part of the Dragon Ball Aftermath continuity.

Chapter 2: The Z Saga Edit

Goku turned, and saw Arkicho doing his best to get away from Goku. "You better hurry," Goku calmly stated.

He charged a blast, but then a thought struck him. If he killed him, he wouldn't be any better than him, so, he started drawing back the attack. However, precisely at that moment, a black portal opened in the sky...

He fired the Kamehameha but, with it's weakened energy, it had very little effect, though it was enough to evaporize quite a few of them. Some strong fighters that emerged from it survived, but Goku sensed an evil energy coming from them. Except one. He was some sort of green alien, and had a massive power level, higher than the rest. In fact, he seemed to be against them.

One of the survivors, a short alien with horns saw Goku and gasped, in shock. He seemed to have some sort of squad under his command, though only one of them wasn't fried by Goku's Kamehameha, Goku returned to his Super Saiyan 2 form. "N-no... Another Super Saiyan... I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED A THIRD TIME BY A SUPER SAIYAN!" The alien screamed at him.

Krillin Jr. sensed the high power levels. He wondered who- or what they were. He had never felt anything like this before. "Sorry, I have to go." He excused himself from the temple.

As he flew towards the high energy, another fighter zoomed in front of him. Much stronger than him. "Well, this'll be fun." 
The green alien, was fighting some other green alien. Through their short talk, it was obvious that they'd met, one of them was called "Piccolo", the other "Cell".

But then, the white alien, who screamed at him earlier, attempted some sort of transformation, but Goku used this time to strike.

With one strong blow, the alien fell to the ground. "H-how? H-h-how can the almighty Frieza be defeated?!" "Well, Frieza, looks like you've underestimated me." "Hehehe... I underestimated you, did I? Well now, I wont be making that mistake again..." 
Goku was frozen with fear. Frieza's energy was much higher than he could have imagined..

Vegeta arrived, to be struck with awkward poses by the only survivor of a group named "The Ginyu Force".

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